The original Bluff Hut

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The original Bluff Hut (5,200 ft) built by mountain cattlemen – Eadley Stoney and Riley children – hut built in 1956 by Eadley Stoney, Archie Cameron, Ray Kelly and Jack Ware who shaped timbers by hand using a broad axe, adze and crosscut saw. Snow gum and mountain ash timber was sourced from bush adjacent to Bluff Saddle. Graeme Stoney, aged 15 years, packed all corrugated iron from Bindaree (end of jeep track) onto pack horses. All materials were carried in by pack horse before 4 WD trucks. The hut was completed in the summer of 1956. This was an unusually wet summer season. It was also the year that Darlingford, the back water of Eildon was flooded.


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