May Walsh – (formerly May Bulmer). Wife of James Berry Walsh.

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May Walsh – (formerly May Bulmer). Wife of James Berry Walsh. Born 1859, married 1879. She was the mother of: James Walsh,born 20 July 1880; John Robert, born 11 March 1882; William Henry, born 31 May 1884; Gilbert Hamilton Donald, born 24 June 1886; Sarah Sussanah Allan (Dolly), born 15 September 1890; Leslie Howard Gordon, born 4 November 1890; Hubert Harley, born 20 September 1892; Gilbert Donald, born 13 December 1897; Albert Victor, born 13 April 1901. Note: The bible and mug. On the way to church, which was approx. 5 miles, in the Oakland. Very poor roads.

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