A1 Mine Air Receiver 1915

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1915 – A1 Mine Air Receiver, John Ross’ team negotiating a difficult bridge crossing at Gaffneys Creek. Gaffneys store owned at time by T. Ross whose team of horses it is. (12 tons) (11 horses) Fred Fry driving, on trolley, who lived at Howqua at Fry’s Crossing near Geelong Grammar till he died in 1975. T. Baker is driving leaders (on ground), T. Garrett on brakes (behind boiler). T. Ross is walking further back. Note how horses have to keep in to bank to get around corner. The Receiver was later used to store diesel till about 1970 when it was bought by Jean Plumm, Benalla, VIC. Extension trolley which could be shortened at will. Rim brakes and front wheels and back wheels screwed up to handle on shielded bolt.


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