The High Country History Hub Inc (HCHH) has been developed by the Mansfield Historical Society, Merrijig Public Hall and The Mountain Cattlemen’s Association of Victoria with the assistance of the State Government of Victoria.

It is envisaged that the histories of other community groups could also be added.

The HCHH has been established to preserve all of those pieces of history that exist in the personal collections of the high country families, which dates back to 1834, preserving and maintaining the cultural identity of the people of the High Country.

The HCHH manages a digital archive that records the history of the High Country, and is available via the internet to people across the state, the nation and the world that have an interest in the history of the area encompassing Mansfield, Bright, Corryong, Omeo, Bairnsdale, Heyfield and Woods Point.

The HCHH is not the custodian of the items that have been catalogued. The items have been loaned for digitization. The material has subsequently been returned to the donors.

The HCHH collection comprises primary and secondary source materials and includes publications, speeches, diaries, letters, photographs and video, oral history, private records and other information.

The Mansfield Historical Society has the ongoing responsibility of the HCHH, it’s website and database.

The Mansfield Historical Society Inc Committee has the ongoing governance responsibility of the HCHH.

The digitisation and cataloguing component of the collection is an ongoing project, being undertaken by volunteers under the supervision of the Mansfield Historical Society.

An additional volunteer role is the responsibility of the HCHH website and database administration. The role ensures that the website is maintained and updated as, and when required.

Refer to the High Country History Hub Collection Policy for further details.


v1 March 2018