Wedding of Kate Conlan (nee Kennedy) to Peter Conlan

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4 images. One is of the wedding party and the other is the back of the image. Wedding of Kate Conlan (nee Kennedy) to Peter Conlan – (Kate Conlan was the daughter of Sgt Kennedy). The Mansfield Courier, Saturday, May 10, 1902. The marriage of P. P. Conlan, son of the late Mr. John W. Conlan, County Meath, Ireland, and Kate, youngest daughter of Mrs. Kennedy, “Westmeath,” Mansfield, Victoria, was celebrated on April 23 at the Sacred Heart Church, Carlton. The Very Rev. J. H. O’Connell officiated, assisted by the Rev. Fathers F. A. Merner and J. H. O’Grady. The bride, who was given away by Dr T. Reardon, wore trained ivory duchesse satin skirt, finely tucked with shaped flounces of accordion pleated chiffon, edged with bebe ribbon, satin trimmed with chiffon and sprays of orange blossom; bodice of ivory duchesse satin, tucked and trimmed with Brussels lace and applique; transparent yoke, and elbow sleeves of tucked chiffon, finished with a long trail of orange blossom falling from left side. Veil worked with lovers’ knots and sprays of flowers, and arranged over coronet of orange blossom, fastened with a diamond crescent, the gift of the bridegroom, and carried a shower bouquet of white roses, gardenias, azaleas, and orange blossom, with fronds of maidenhair and asparagus fern, tied with white satin ribbon, also gift of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids, Misses Mary and Rose Kennedy, sisters of the bride, wore soft white silk tucked skirts of silk and chiffon, frills edged with bebe ribbon, tucked bodices, with chiffon yokes, rosettes, bebe ribbon, chiffon sashes, and wore white and pink hats, trimmed chiffon and long white plumes, and carried poses or pink roses, maidenhair and asparagus fern tied with long pink satin streamers, and wore pearl lovers’ knot brooches, gifts of the bridegroom. The best man was Mr. James Conlan, and Mr. M. C. Larkin groomsman. At the Grand Hotel, Spring Street, Melbourne, a reception was held, and tea served. The Very Rev. J . H. O’Connell proposed the health of the bridegroom. The travelling dress was navy cloth, glace silk strappings, navy and chenille toque, silver passementerie, and feather. Following are some or the presents : Bridegroom to bride, diamond ring, diamond crescent; bride to bridegroom, watch, chain and pendant; mother of bride, house and table linen, cutlery, tea and coffee service; Miss Kennedy, sweet dishes and soup ladle; Miss Rose Kennedy, cruets and dishes; Mr. James Kennedy, salt cellars and serviette rings; Mr. James Conlan, cheque; Mr. and Mrs. Davies, teaspoons; Misses N. and M. Tobin, clock; Miss Tobin, afternoon teaset; Mr, and Mrs. M. Kennedy, cheque; Mrs. S. Kennedy, cheque; Dr. and Miss Gregg, teaspoons; Mr. Jordan, hot water kettle; Mr. J. Lyons, cheque; Mr. and Mrs. L. Anderson, cheque; Mr. and Mrs. M. Niall, vases; Mr. and Mrs. J. Forrest, cheque; “A Friend,” cheque; Mrs. H. Wilson, candlesticks; Miss Kenny, etching; Mr. R. Cumming, cheque ; Rev. Mother, Mansfield Convent, opal painting; Mr. J. L. Robertson, photoframe; Mr. J. E. Whelan, pickle cruet; Mr, Delany, salver; Mr. Lawlor, cheque; Mr. and Mrs. J. Hutchinson, carvers; Mrs. Kennedy salad bowl; Mr. and Mrs. Edgar, fish slice and fork; Dr. and Mrs. T. F. Riordan, breakfast set; Mrs. Davies, painting; Mr. and Mrs. J. Fynn, cheque; Rev. F. A. Merner, cheque and prayer book; Mr. and Mrs. J. Hutchinson, cheque; Rev. J. H. O’Grady, sugar scuttle; Mr. and Mrs. J.Begley, cosy cover; Miss Begley, table centre; Dr. Murphy, cheque; Mrs. T. Ryan, teapot; Rev. Mother, Seymour, prayer book; Mother Joseph, Mansfield, picture; Mr. James Shaw, cheque; Masters P., W., and Misses M. and R. Riordan, table centre; Mr.and Mrs. W. Stutt, cheque.


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