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Table of Contents: President’s Message; Cobungra’s Annual Bull Sale Johnny Faithfull; Cobungra Station Reprinted from Voice of the Mountains No.9 (1985); The Discovery of the Bogong High Plains or the Legendary Cobungra Cattle Drive Reprinted from Voice of the Mountains No. 9 (1985); Droving Cobungra Cattle to Market Reprinted from Voice of the Mountains No. 9 (1985); How Cattle Came to be Running on the High Plains Betty Fitzgerald Reprinted from Voice of the Mountains No. 9 (1985); Management Considerations Relating to the Assessment of Vegetation Condition Affected by the 1998 Caledonia Fire: A report prepared for The Mountain Cattlemen’s Association of Victoria Incorporated, July 1999 Louise Silvers (B.Appl. Sc. Hons); Down the Track John Walker, Hut Photograph Folio; Seven Decades of Mismanagement Jim Commins; Bennison Plain Get Together 2000; The Olympic Torch at Benalla; Wedding on the Bogongs; Obituaries: Lou Pendergast, Dorrie Pendergast, Pearl Treasure, Bob Gilder, Bernie Lawler; On the Bookshelf Listen ‘ere ol’ mate! by Dennis Carstairs; Before We’re Forgotten: The Spirit of the Snowy River by Mike Hayes; Wally Ryder Dennis Carstairs; Minutes of the 2000 Annual Meeting; Acknowledgements


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