St Mary’s Church of England, Woods Point

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2 images. St Mary’s Church of England – Woods Point – Built in 1865 for 541 pounds. The bell tower was donated by Gerald Pendlebury, Manager of the Bank of Victoria and was used by the Fire Brigade as a fire warning. The church was burned down in January 1939. The following is an extract from “The Living Church” February 16, 1940. “A year ago Woodspoint was destroyed by the great fire. The disaster evoked general sympathy and much willing assistance from the public and from individuals. Now that it is rising from its ashes, I think it would be a gracious act to give it a lasting memorial of that sympathy and there is a very appropriate means of doing this. The pride of the old town has been for seventy years the bell of St Mary’s Church, which was famous for its beautiful musical tone. It was much more than a church bell. It served as a fire bell also. It was rung joyfully on great occasions. It was used as a guide to people lost in the surrounding hills and to summon the help of search parties. Now it lies in fragments, but its music depended on the excellence of its metal, and it can be revived. The Archdeacon has kindly collected information about the cost of re-casting the bell and estimates that 25 pounds would be sufficient. This includes transport to the foundry at Newcastle, and the erection of an iron belfry. I am willing to give about one-third of this sum and invite other sympathisers to contribute the other two-thirds. Subscriptions may be sent to me at Bishop’s Lodge, Wangaratta, and will be acknowledged in later numbers of the “Living Church”. LUCY C. HART


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