Mansfield State School 1112 – 1967 Grade 4

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Back Row L to R; Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, G. McKenzie, Anthony Fraser, R. Pullin, Russell Pollard, Robert Heathcote, unknown. Second Row; M. Parker, M. Usher, unknown, Wendy Clarke, Peter Reynolds, Robyn Watson, Hill, unknown, Helen Foots. Third Row; Ross McMillan, G. Thorpe, N. Britton, B. medcraft, M. Jones, Noel O’Leary, unknown, P. Vance, P. Thorneloe, Don Fraser. Fourth Row; Debbie Smink, J. Barr, Leonie Notley, B. Crosby, unknown, unknown, W. Cracknell, unknown. Front Row; unknown, P. Brady, P. Wilkinson, A. Woods, G. Breadon, S. Aldous. Teacher; Mr Graham Padbury.


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