Mansfield Primary School – Grade 2, 1986

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Mansfield Primary School – Grade 2 1986 – teacher Mrs Dot marks. Names on photograph. Back row L to R: Ben Cios, David Wilson, Rebecca Boote, Narelle Peachey, Richard Stevenson, Elizabeth Noble, Jason Stephens, Sarah Dobson. Second row L to R: Therese Kiefer, Danielle Murphy, Michelle Beecham, Jarrod Quilty, Andrew Taylor, Marcus O’Leary, Hayley Apps, Bree Ward, Adrian McIntosh. Seated L to R: Trevor Arnold, Joe Marchese, Bruce Zerbst, Kelly Cummins, Paddy Cummins, Quinton Desmond, Duatha Underhill, Ben Sprunt. Teacher: D. A Marks.


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