Mansfield Convent Pupils 1935

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Mansfield Convent Pupils. 1935. Back row: Geraldine Higgins, Valda Crockett, Eily Lovick, Ged Walsh, Betty Buckland, Beryl Adams, Audrey Murphy, Biddy McCormack. 4th row: Agnes Bennett, Unknown, Mary Vaughan, Susanne Buckland, Betty Hobbs, Muffie Palmer, Monica Hearn, Marge Powell, Betty Black, Peg Powell, Marge Malouf, Barbara Graves. 3rd row: Peg Harris, June Buckland, Marion Hemsley, Mavis Malouf, Marie Begley, Sylvia Dockery, Joy Reardon, Betty Reardon, Helen Graves, Betty Christopher, Aileen Powell, Betty Schneider. 2nd row: Peter McCormack, Fay Denning, Irene Reardon, Bid Reardon, Loris Buckland, Pat Hornby, Ann Pike, Pat Malouf, Joan Groman, Maureen O’Bree, Pat Reardon, Lynette Buckland, Bid Begley, Tom Powell. 1st row: Ray Reardon, Jack O’Brien, Cyril Cummins, Bern Cousens, Kevin Malouf, Barry Reardon, Bill Davies, Con Bennett, Frank Christopher, Reg Nolan.


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