Maindample, VIC SS 994/1514 Year 1920.

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Maindample, VIC SS 994/1514 Year 1920. Top Right: Maindample, VIC State School, 1920. Back from left, Doreen Cummins, Stella Redfern, Vonnie Clancy, Gertie Clancy, Gertie Clancy, Olive Redfern, Elsie Breadon. Second row, Max Redfern, Emily Phillips, Doris Fischer, Myrtle Thoms, Cyril Redefern, Bill Birchell, Jack O’Toole, Joe Peers. Third row, Jimmy O’Toole, Tom Birchell, Herbert Peers, Tom O’Toole, Jack Adams, Jack Birchell, Margaret Wharton, Dorrie Peers. Front row, Bill Bird, Peter Davon, Charlie Breadon, Ossie Bird. It stated, “Maindample, VIC students are forunate indeed in having what is undoubtedly the most attractively-situated school in the district, and the building and its surroundings relect the greatest credit on the head teacher, Mr. Fisher, and the conscientious and energetic members of the school committee. The school grounds are spacious and are planted with beautiful shade trees, while the vegetable and flower gardens bear eloquent testimony to the care and attention of the pupils. “The school building itself is up-to-date and comfortably furnished, and the interior of the walls are covered with exhibitions of the work of the children; work which would be a credit to scholars in secondary schools. In fact we thoroughly enjoyed our visit of inspection on Saturday last, and we feel sure that all who had the pleasure of viewing the many exhibits did so with similar feelings of gratification.”


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