John Trenfield – Gaffney’s Creek

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John Trenfield, Gaffney’s Creek – aged 91 years (born 1853). John Trenfield, from Bristol, arrived at Gaffneys Creek in about 1871. After receiving a good education, said to have been at Eton College, he had a disagreement with his father about his future life. His uncle, John Webb, had done well at Gaffneys Creek, and John wanted to join him. His family finally agreed, and paid his fare on the understanding that he would get nothing more from them. John landed in Sydney, his head swathed in a flannel bandage covering a bad case of the mumps, and the first greeting he received, never forgotten, was ‘Hello fathead!’ When he arrived at Gaffneys Creek, his uncle greeted him with the words: “John, you’re too late, the place has been done!’ But whatever his first impressions were, he seems to have liked the place; he stayed for 77 years. One of his first jobs was on Webb’s farm, up the Goulburn River at Knockwood, and he also worked as a ‘bottom man’ in a saw pit – the hardest work he ever did. After marrying Mary Anne Jefferies, he built a house about a mile up Ryans Creek, where the large Trenfield family was reared. John Trenfield was a fine violinist, and noted for his perfect handwriting. Among his many community activities, he was secretary of the Foresters Lodge at Woods Point, and a tyler of All Saints Church of England at Gaffneys Creek. Reference:”Gold at Gaffneys Creek” by Brian Lloyd and Howard Combes, page 93, ISBN 09598391 2 7.


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