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ISBN 9780980627411 (hbk.). The events of Black Saturday on February 7, 2009, produced the worst natural disaster Australia has ever seen. The extreme weather conditions, and the fact that the state was tinder dry from ongoing drought, created an inferno that caught many people by surprise by the very nature of its intensity and ferocity. 173 Victorians lost their lives, property damage ran into the billions of dollars and certainties about public safety were blown away with the smoke that blanketed the state from the Murray to Wilsons Promontory. Inferno is a thoroughly researched and well written narrative about Black Saturday, the conditions leading up to that fateful day and the aftermath. The book will provide an understanding of what happened and why. It is respectful to the people who lost their lives and their families and showcases the resilience of the human spirit. It is also a motivational tool for those who volunteer year in, year out, highlighting the sense of community and generosity at times of extreme need. Weaving the narratives of survivors, firefighters, emergency officials and medical teams with an examination of the policies and passions that helped make Victoria a tinderbox, Inferno sifts the ashes to examine what went wrong and why. More than an exercise in finger pointing, Inferno is also a tribute to what worked: the massive and selfless groundswell of generosity and community involvement as an entire nation dug deep to answer the call for help. An incisive and timely book, Inferno is required reading for all Australians as they debate how best to make sure that the grim history of Black Saturday is never repeated. The narrative is a classic blend of action, horror, survival, love and community. Includes bibliographical references. (source: TROVE) The HCHH does not hold a copy of this book, if you would like to access a copy, refer to the National Library of Australia, TROVE website which gives details of where the book can be borrowed or purchased:

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