Fry’s Bridge

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Fry’s Bridge, Goulburn River. Reported in the ‘Correspondence’ column, The Alexandra and Yea Standard, June 15th 1906. “Fry’s Bridge was completed by Messrs Cluster and Ford. They made a splendid job of Fry’s Bridge. The handsome amount of 132 pounds subscribed by T. Kelly (publican) and residents towards the cost of Fry’s bridge is to be commended.” Earlier, on the 15th February 1906 in the Kilmore Free Press (1870 – 1954), a notice had been posted for a Tender for the Bridge over the Goulburn River at Fry’s – Darlingford to provide a connecting link between Darlingford and Mansfield. The contract price was 699 pounds. The contractors were Messrs Cluster and Ford, who a short time before had erected a bridge over the Goulburn at Rennies between Alexandra and Darlingford.

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