Clarrie Borrie with a 14-seater Diamond-T vehicle.

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Clarrie Borrie with a 14-seater Diamond-T vehicle. This was one of four vehicles of this size owned by the Mansfield-Yea Passenger Service (three Diamond-Ts and one International). The vehicle in this photograph bears the registration number ‘6888’, which was the phone number of the Melbourne booking office – Gracies Booking Office, in Exhibition Street. As with the eight-passenger Studebaker, in this vehicle, the luggage was carried on the roof. All the buses described above were ‘side-loaders’, meaning there were rows of seats across the vehicle and a door to enter each seat on the left-hand side. The engine was at the front of the vehicle and passengers could sit alongside the driver on the front seat. In the late 1940s, the company progressed to using bigger buses, which carried 33 passengers. In the early 1950s, the Mansfield-Year Passenger Service was sold to Ansett Transport Industries, which changed the name to Southern Coachlines. During this time there were two return services each day. One left Mansfield in the morning and returned in the evening, Monday to Saturday, while the other left Melbourne in the morning and returned in the afternoon. During World War II, the Government would not allow the buses to run between Lilydale and Melbourne (this was in order to conserve petrol) and passengers had to travel this section of the route by electric train. This fact helps explain Photograph 3 – a copy of a letter written to the editor of a Melbourne newspaper at this time.

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