Barwite School, SS2512.

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Barwite School No 2512. First position. The original school was sited on a property called ‘Lochiel’ located immediately on the left hand side of The Old Tolmie Road after crossing the Broken River over the one-lane bridge. (There are now two houses on this property.) The school at Wombat Crossing on the Broken River worked half-time with SS2305 Wombat in 1880. It opened on 8th June 1883 as a full-time school in a new building with William Raymond as Head Teacher. Good attendances became better when SS Gonzaga closed in 1893, and by 1895 building extensions were needed. In 1988 the 22ftx14ft building was lengthened by 12ft and in 1909 a shelter shed erected. An annual attendance of 15 pupils was maintained until 1944 when attendances decreased below 7. The school closed in December 1944. Mansfield Historical Society Magazine November 1986 “School Feature”


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