‘Back to Mansfield” event. Queen Carnival contestants.

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Queen Carnival contestants in the “Back to Mansfield” event photographed at the Convent of Mercy. Georgie Redfern “queen” because she raised the most money. Seated at rear Naomi (Proud) Aldous and Arthur, her father. From left to right: Barry Palmer, Bob Graves, Brian Graves, Mary Lovick, Rene Reardon, Mary Mahoney (South Riding), Betty Reardon, Cassie Hearn, Reg Nolan, Sara Woolf, June Hawkesley, Georgie Redfern (West Riding), Enid Friday, Betty Redfern, Unknown man, Mary Sechtig, Shirley Parker, Una Sechtig (Central Riding), Bessie Davon, Eleanor Friday, Betty Christopher, Amy Purcell (North Riding), Ella Murphy, Unknown, Fred Buckland. Boys at end: Jack Begley, Wally Redfern, ?? Kennedy, ?? Sanderson, Fred Nolan.


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