Ashfield Sawmill – last days before closing down – Burwood Garden.

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Ashfield Sawmill – last days before closing down – Burwood Garden. Bill Ward planted the pumpkins at the suggestion of Les Blake (manager) and produced about 350 pumpkins to be shared among all the workers. Bill Ward arrived in Mirimbah in 1947, aged about 9 years, with parents – Ron Ward Snr and Marjorie Jean Ward. Ron was working as a sawyer at Christensens Mill. Ron worked until 1948 and then moved back into Mansfield where he worked at various mills – DSM, MTP, Burwood and Bells. From Mansfield the family returned to Mirimbah in 1952. Dad and Bill both started working for the Heinz brothers at the mill in Mirimbah in 1952. Mill was then 14 years. He started working in a workshop mainly doing lathe work, repair work and building bush huts. (Bush huts were used by loggers – also known as timber fallers.) Bill continued to work in various mills until 1996 when the Burwood Mill closed.

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